Etik Kuralları

PIC GmbH Mesleki Etik Kuralları, tüm şirket çalışanlarımız için bağlayıcı bir çerçevedir ve bize yardım etmeyi amaçlamaktadır.


  • Güvenin ve şeffaflık yaratın.
  • Dürüstlüğü ve adaleti vurgulayın.
  • Yasalara uygun hareket edin.
  • Yaşam ve çalışma koşullarını herkes için iyileştirin.
  • Sosyal sorumluluğu arttırın.
  • Bireyin ve toplumun haklarına saygı gösterin ve güçlendirin.
  • Sürdürülebilir ve ileriyi düşünen bir şekilde hareket edin.
  • Çevremizi koruyun.
  • Ekonomi ve ekolojiyi birbiriyle uyumlu hale getirin.

Diğerlerinin yanında Birleşmiş Milletlerin Küresel İlkeler Sözleşmesinin ilkelerini kılavuz olarak görüyoruz ancak gerçekte bu standartların çok ötesine geçiyoruz.

Tüm PIC çalışanları, aşağıda tarif edilen mesleki etik standartlarını - hem birbirlerine, hem de müşterilere, tedarikçilere, ortaklara ve topluma karşı - uygulamaya koyarak şirket kültürünü örnek bir şekilde temsil etmektedir.

  • Saygı ve eşitlik

    We treat others respectfully and without prejudice, regardless of age, gender, skin colour, ethnicity, religion, social class and condition.

    Discrimination does not exist at PIC GmbH. We show tolerance and cultural diversity in our daily contact with our global partners. Equality is also demonstrated with an average proportion of women of 57.2% across the various departments at the PIC head office.

  • Yasal uyum

    Our employees always act in accordance with local laws and observe applicable regulations. In cases of doubt, the appropriate offices in our company are to be consulted.

  • Sosyal sorumluluk

    Social responsibility starts at the bottom and is part of our company culture. For instance, our own company Kindergarten helps our production staff in China to better balance work and family life. We also get involved by

    • Promoting youth work in the region (scouts, youth clubs etc.)
    • Donating to charitable organisations
    • Sponsoring humanitarian projects

    It is a matter of course for every PIC employee to demonstrate social competence and assume responsibilities outside the sphere of work.

  • Çocuk işçi ve zorla çalıştırma yasağı

    We do not use any goods or raw materials which have been produced using child or forced labour. This applies to our entire process chain.
    Our suppliers are likewise obligated to observe the ban on child and forced labour.

  • İnsan hakları

    We avoid sources of goods and services based in countries which abuse human rights or tolerate human rights violations.
    We encourage our suppliers, customers and partners to follow our example.

  • İş yerinde sağlık ve güvenlik

    We maintain a healthy, safe and comfortable workplace throughout the company, for example by means of

    • Trained specialist health and safety staff
    • Extraction and filter systems in production facilities
    • Air conditioning for comfortable working conditions
    • Ergonomic, individualised furniture
    • Professional hygiene management
    • Company sports facilities and healthy company cooking with fresh ingredients in our production facilites
    • Free cold and hot drinks in our headquarters offices

    Each employee ensures to the best of his/her ability that safety standards are observed and health hazards are avoided. In the event of questions or concerns, the appropriate office in our company can be consulted at any time.

  • Rekabet yerine birlikte çalışan rakipler

    We are fair – even to our competitors.
    We treat competitors with the same levels of kindness and respect that we show to all of our partners.
    Competitors are therefore always welcome at PIC GmbH – whether at our trade fair stand or in our offices.
    All of our employees act in a matter-of-fact and neutral way where our competitors' information and products are concerned.

  • Yolsuzlukla mücadele tedbirleri

    Bribery, corruption, nepotism – these are unfortunately normal occurrences in many places. We are proud of having achieved our success for over 35 years by fair means.
    Every employee is obligated to inform the corresponding department at PIC immediately in the event of any suspicion or conflicts of interest, in order to react in an appropriate way.

  • Müşteriler, tedarikçiler ve yetkililerle iletişim

    We owe our reputation especially to our customers, employees and products. It is an essential obligation to maintain our reputation through honesty and credibility and to create trust through transparency. The following points are to be noted when interacting with business partners and the authorities

    • Accepting any kind of advantage or privilege, material or immaterial, is forbidden
    • Gifts must only have a token character and value
    • Invitations may not exceed reasonable, customary limits in value
    • All suppliers are treated with fairness and neutrality by us
    • Purchasers and decision-makers at PIC GmbH are obligated to promote free competition and to consider all suitable partners when tendering
    • Divulging confidential company information and agreements is an absolute taboo for all involved

    In case of doubt, the appropriate department at PIC is to be informed.

  • Bireysel sorumluluk

    The individual represents the whole!
    Loyalty to our company is a matter of course for each of our employees. Personal responsibility and consideration are essential requirements when interacting with customers, suppliers and partners.

    Each PIC employee is therefore obligated to

    • Use company property and resources sparingly and efficiently
    • Observe data protection provisions and treat business secrets confidentially
    • Implement and support optimisation measures in all business areas in a responsible way
    • Refrain from activities which contradict the principles of PIC GmbH
  • Sürdürülebilirlik

    Our objectives are characterised by sustainability, to change our everyday life and that of future generations for the better.
    This includes dealing conscientiously with all kinds of resources.

  • Kalite taahhüdümüz

    Our customers expect and deserve our best!
    The highest quality, perfect, fast service, customers' wishes included and respected – these are the principles by which we live every day.

  • Çevrenin korunması

    Our company practises systematic environmental protection in all areas.

    For instance, our core product, the reed switch, stands out through its extremely high energy efficiency. This is because, in contrast to the vast majority of other sensor technologies, reed switches and sensors do not need a continuous current supply! The use of our products in household appliances, cars, industrial and medical technology is thus an elementary component of ecological design.

    In our offices we save 50% of the energy of conventional types of lighting thanks to our intelligent workplace lighting with presence detectors.

    These are just a few examples of our contribution to maintaining our ecosystem.
    All of our employees are aware of their responsibility for integrated environmental protection and can consult our corresponding specialist department for waste and pollutant management at any time.